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Thank you for visiting the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office web site. Our system of Constitutional government requires the consent and participation of the public in the execution of the law. I hope that this site will afford an additional opportunity for effective interaction between the citizens of Essex County and the officers and prosecutors who serve them.

Theodore N. Stephens II, Acting Essex County Prosecutor
Romesh C. Sukhdeo, Acting First Assistant Prosecutor
Mitchell G. McGuire III, Acting Chief of Detectives
Cheryl M. Cucinello, Chief Assistant Prosecutor
Thomas S. Fennelly, Chief Assistant Prosecutor
Roger J. Imhof, Chief Assistant Prosecutor
Gwendolyn J. Williams, Executive Asst. Prosecutor
Toni Ann Mattia, Actg. Deputy Chief of Detectives
Jose Ramirez, Acting Deputy Chief of Detectives

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