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Business Administration Unit

The Business Administration staff oversees a $37 million operating budget along with Essex County Prosecutor’s Office’s criminal forfeiture accounts. Additionally, it oversees the Office’s 13 major grant-funded programs totaling more than $1.8 million per year. The Unit provides crucial support services at ECPO’s seven office sites including facility management, supply distribution, inventory, purchasing, budgeting, personnel records, time keeping, payroll, and criminal case file storage and retrieval.

Capital equipment—including copiers, telephones, fax machines, desk units and file storage cabinets—is continually monitored to identify and prioritize replacement needs. The Unit assists the Prosecutor and executive management team with long-term planning and strategic decision support including staffing plans, compensation policies, and capital spending/infrastructure decisions.

The Business Administration Unit’s support functions also include:

  • Cooperation with program and financial auditors
  • Workers’ Compensation reporting
  • Office renovation and safety improvements
  • Purchase request processing and shipping receipt
  • Supply storage, inventory, and distribution
  • Liaison to County, State, and Federal government offices

In 2014, the Business Administration Unit coordinated a 6-month upgrade of the Heating/Cooling system for the headquarters space in the Veterans Courthouse. The Administration Unit worked closely with representatives from the County Public Facilities Office and the construction contractor to minimize inconvenience and disruption to ECPO staff.

The Business Administration Unit also continued its efforts to efficiently manage the Office’s overall file storage space, which is distributed over several sites and is in short supply. The Unit continued to coordinate the disposal of paper files that are no longer needed, and ensured their proper disposal considering the potentially sensitive nature of certain material. The Unit also continues to explore a variety of digital scanning options for files where original document retention is not strictly mandated by law.

The Business Administration Unit has worked closely with the Prosecutor and other high-level ECPO managers in responding to the continuing fiscal challenges presented by reduced County revenues. Through careful planning and monitoring of expenditures, staff turnover positions were filled when necessary and critical to the continued functioning of the justice system in this County.  The Business Administration Unit personnel also played a key role in facilitating the planning and funding application for a federal Intellectual Property Enforcement Program Grant, in conjunction with the ECPO Financial Crimes Unit.

In 2014, the Business Administration Unit also actively coordinated with the Information Technology Unit in planning for the eventual purchase and installation of various operational support and records management systems, in making interim improvements to existing administrative data systems, and for planning and executing appropriate investments in new IT equipment as necessary.  Business Administration Unit personnel also provided key support in maintaining and upgrading the Office’s web site, During 2014, the web site was moved to a Word Press content management platform, so as to allow flexibility for future growth and enhancements.

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