DONALD C. CAMPOLO, Acting Essex County Prosecutor

For Immediate Release
Friday, May 31, 2002

Guilty Verdict Returned in Orange Shooting Case
Acting Prosecutor Donald C. Campolo announced today that defendant, Devon Floyd, age 23 of Orange, New
Jersey after a trial was found guilty by an Essex County Jury of First Degree Aggravated Manslaughter and
weapons offenses for the fatal shooting of Gregory Shelton, age 30, of Orange, New Jersey. Assistant Prosecutor
Carolee Trifari, who tried the case before the Honorable Michael Nelson said the shooting occurred on December
18, 2000 at approximately 10:59 p.m. in the first floor hallway of 325 Mechanic Street in Orange, New Jersey. At
the time of the shooting, Shelton was engaged to be married to a prior girlfriend of defendant Floyd. An argument
ensued between Shelton and Floyd when Shelton refused to allow his fiancé to hug Floyd to congratulate him for
the birth of his new baby. Following the argument, Floyd left the building and returned twenty minutes later with
a handgun. Floyd shot Shelton one time in the right thigh. Shelton died within minutes of excessive bleeding.

The defendant is scheduled for sentencing on July 29, 2002 before the Honorable Michael Nelson.
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