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2014 SUMMER INTERN PROGRAM TAKING APPLICATIONS THRU March 26: The Essex County Prosecutor's Office (ECPO) is offering a five-week summer internship program beginning July 7, 2014 through August 8, 2014 for high school students completing their junior year by June 2014. Twenty-five students who reside and/or attend high school in Belleville, Bloomfield, East Orange, Irvington, Montclair, Newark, Orange, South Orange / Maplewood, West Orange will be chosen for the 2014 program. Program activities include learning about the role and function of the Essex County Prosecutor's Office; participating in New Jersey State Trooper Youth Week, a one week residential program; observing a jury trial and participating in a mock trial; working with a local law enforcement agency; and interfacing with the corporate and the community-based partners on the ECPO Community Justice Advisory Board.

Application Instructions and an Application Form can be viewed and downloaded using these links. Completed application packets are due no later than March 26, 2014 (extended from March 11) to Nicole Graves Watson, Community Justice Coordinator, Office of the Essex County Prosecutor, 50 West Market Street, Third Floor, Newark, New Jersey 07102. Recommendation letters should be included with your application. Incomplete and faxed applications will not be considered. If you require additional information please feel free to contact Mrs. Watson at (973) 621-4317.

Please also see our Community Outreach page.

ANTI-CARJACKING PUBLIC AWARENESS CAMPAIGN LAUNCHED: On August 19, 2013, Acting Essex County Prosecutor Carolyn A. Murray joined U.S. Attorney Paul J. Fishman, Essex County Sheriff Armando Fontoura and Newark Police Director Samuel A. DeMaio to announce the launch of a joint anti-carjacking public awareness campaign.

Aimed at raising awareness of the serious consequences carjackers face, the campaign will include billboards, bus placards and flyers. The message is that carjacking is a serious crime and those who engage in carjacking face severe consequences.

"Carjacking is not the same as taking a stolen car for a joyride," said Prosecutor Murray. "When you pull out a gun and demand someone's vehicle that is a serious crime and the penalties are severe if you are convicted. We want to send that message to young people who sometimes seem to view carjacking as nothing more than a theft."

These billboards are now located in Newark at: 4th Avenue and Broadway; 61 Pennsylvania Avenue at the intersection of Parkhurst; and 97 Sussex Avenue. For further information and images of the new billboards, see the following Press Release.

ESSEX COUNTY CRIME TIPS LINE: On A 24-hour anonymous Crime Tips Line has been established for Essex County at: 877-847-7432.

VICTIM - WITNESS WEB PAGES REVISED: Acting Essex County Prosecutor Carolyn A. Murray announced that the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office has implemented an updated and expanded website focusing on the needs of crime victims. This site provides updated resource information for Essex County victims and witnesses, and presents it in an understandable, easy to read format based on color coding.

“Serving the needs of crime victims in this high-tech, fast-moving environment is a challenge. Sometimes victims need answers after regular work hours. The expanded ECPO Victim-Witness Services website provides new forums to help victims and their surviving family members. It allows them to get answers when they cannot pick up a phone and reach someone, ’’ said Acting Prosecutor Murray.

The Office's new Victim Witness web site is accessible from this site (the main ECPO web site) by clicking on the "Victim-Witness Services" link in the blue area at left. The new Victim Witness site is also available via its own internet domain name, i.e.

ECPO CLERGY / CITIZEN'S ACADEMY: The Essex County Prosecutor's Office has initiated a Clergy/Citizen Prosecutor’s Academy for the members of the clergy and citizens of Essex County. The class instructors consist of members of the Prosecutor’s investigative and legal staff. They provide information about the mission and responsibilities of the Prosecutor’s Office along with demonstrations

The Essex County Prosecutor's Office will be hosting a Spring 2014 Citizens and Clergy Academy. If interested, please download and complete the attached registration form and mailling it to the Essex County Prosecutor's Office, 50 West Market St., Newark NJ 07102 ATTENTION: Ilda Lavine, or fax to Ilda Lavine at 973-621-4500, you are committing to attend the six (6) week training course for 2.5 hours per class every Thursday. If you should have any questions, please contact Mrs. Ilda Lavine (862) 520-3700.

2010 ANNUAL REPORT AVAILABLE: The 2010 ECPO Annual Report can be downloaded and viewed in PDF format, from this page. The 2011-2012 Report is expected soon.

Employees Honored: In December, 2013, Steno Clerk Lisa Pedalino received the Essex County Teamwork Award from Essex County Executive Joseph N. DiVincenzo, Jr. Other ECPO employees who received this Award are: in 2013, Homicide Unit Deputy Chief Michael DeMaio, Assistant Prosecutor Sara Friedman and Detective Lieutenant John Cunha; in 2012, Clerk Typist Marilyn Crespo, SANE-SART Program Coordinator Alecia Seery and Supervisory Clerk Debora Roachford; in 2011, Legal Assistant Robert Monaco; Victim Witness Advocate Jason Delpeche; Photo Media Processor Lloyd Holmes; Prosecutor's Agent James Hunter; in 2010, Media Technology Specialist Brian Innis Assistant Prosecutor Kenneth Ply and Senior Program Analyst James Gerofsky; in 2009, Joanne Barone, Principal Account Clerk; Glenda Renee Haislah, Principal Legal Stenographer; Guy Trogani, Investigator; Gwen Williams, Assistant Prosecutor / Director; and Juliet Wood-Warren, Senior Clerk Typist. In 2008, the recepients included: Holt Walker, Detective, in December; La Quanda Williams, Victim Witness Advocate, in October; Budget Analyst Raj Krishnan, in August; and Supervisory Legal Stenographer Marjorie Sherman in May. Senior Clerk Vanessa Harper-Woods received this award in September, 2007; Joan Washington of the Grand Jury Unit in August, 2007; Doris Stoeckel of the Arson Unit, in May 2007; Detective Arnold Anderson, in November, 2006; Secretarial Assistant Rosemary Facchino, in August, 2006; Principal Clerk Halimah Harris, in June, 2006; Automation Specialist Lorraine DeGardnuer, in May, 2006; Victim-Witness Counselor Lisa Fonseca, in April, 2006; and Automation Specialist Cindy Hamilton, in February, 2006.

STAFF NEWS: In 2013, the following New Jersey Attorneys were sworn to the position of Assistant Prosecutor for the Essex County Prosecutor's Office: Jamel Semper, Berta Rodriguez, Jacqueline Bilinkas, Frank Ducoat, Austin Edwards, Timothy Lanni, Jacqueline McMahon, Sara Vander Woude, Seth Yockel, Rodney Beltre, Casey Breslow.

ILEI SYSTEM IN SERVICE: The Essex County Prosecutor's Office is a key participant and beneficiary of the County of Essex Integrated Law Enforcement Initiative. This is a data-sharing project which was planned and implemented by the County of Essex, the Essex Department of Corrections, the Essex County Sheriff's Office, the Newark Police Department, and ECPO. Police arrest and incident reports are exchanged digitally and instantaneously through this database network, and a variety of other data coordination and exchange uses are being implemented between the various members of ILEI. Using funding provided in 2008 by the State of New Jersey P.A.R.I.S. Shared Services Program, this system was instituted and went live by early 2009. A second round of funding from N.J. P.A.R.I.S. will allow the expansion of this system to the 21 other municipal police departments in Essex County. This system will reduce paperwork costs and increase the overall effectiveness of the criminal justice system in Essex County. It also provides a platform for greater criminal data exchanges on both the state and federal level; in the coming years, it will provide a wide range of benefits to ECPO's pre-Grand Jury units, and also to its investigatory squads.

V.I.N.E. Victim Notification Telephone Service Started: The State of New Jersey provides a toll-free telephone number through which victims can gain information about the current status and location of their offenders: 1-877-VINE-4-NJ. Registration is necessary. Please consult the V.I.N.E. Web Site for more information.


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